The Benefits Of Using Turbo Jam Weighted Gloves

Published: 18th August 2009
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One of the main areas that women like to have toned are their arms. Lean and toned arms look a lot more attractive in outfits such as a halter top or sleeveless dress than soft and supple arms. People have been choosing Chalene Johnson's Turbo Jam as both a cardiovascular workout as well as a strength training workout to burn fat and sculpt lean muscles. With Turbo Jam, the arms are easily targeted with punches and pull downs, but there is a way to maximize your workout for your arms by using the Turbo Jam weighted gloves.

These weighed gloves work the best when they are used in conjunction with the Turbo Jam Maximum Results program that is available by Beachbody. There are quite a few benefits that a person can reap when they strap on these weighted gloves and start Turbo Jamming away. Here are some of those benefits.

Accelerated Fat and Calorie Burn
Whenever you add more weight to your body during a workout, your body has to work that much harder to perform the exercises. This causes the body to burn more fat and calories at a quicker pace. When you wear the Turbo Jam weighted gloves, just that little bit of weight added to your body can make you burn fat a quicker speed, which means at the end of your workout you burned significantly more calories than if you did not wear the gloves.

Tone Your Arms Faster
When you wear your weighted gloves for your first Turbo Jam workout, you may find that your arms get tired a lot faster than when you did not wear the gloves. These gloves are making the muscles in your arms work twice as harder, which means that your muscles are working overtime during the workout. When you put more of a strain in your muscles and make them work harder, you are going to tone up and build more lean muscles faster. You may even notice that just after a week or two of wearing the Turbo Jam weighted gloves you arms already looked more defined.

Use Them With Other Workouts
The weighted gloves do not have to be only used with Turbo Jam workouts. You can easily use these gloves for other workouts as well. You can even use them for other Beachbody workouts such as Hip Hop Abs or you can use them for your own workouts. Wear them when you are running or when you are even dancing. The good thing about the weights is that they will not get in your way as your hands are still free to move and you can still grasp objects with your fingers. There are a variety of different workouts that they can be used with.

By adding the Turbo Jam weighted gloves to your workout, you can benefit more from your exercising. Burn calories faster, tone up your arms faster, and just have the overall strength you are looking for.

Tiffany Brunskole is a writer for Surfer Body Fitness, an Online retailer who specializes in workout products from Beachbody such as Turbo Jam. Get your child on the pathway to good health with Surfer Body Fitness

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