Is There a Difference Between P90X and Power 90 Workouts?

Published: 10th August 2009
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There may be some confusion on if there is a difference in two of Tony Horton's workout programs. Although P90X and Power 90 sound a lot alike and do have some of the same basic principles, the two workouts are quite different.

The P90X workout program was developed after Power 90 and is based off the core of the program. But what Tony Horton did with P90X was he further developed the program for people who are looking for more of a challenge after completing Power 90. P90X has more intensity and can actually be used for the rest of your life due to the muscle confusion technique that Tony Horton employs in the program.

Tony Horton's original workout Power 90 focuses on six weekly workouts that are approximately 30 minutes long. The program is designed to last 90 days. The workouts consist of some of the same exercises as P90X such as Kempo, cardio, and Plyometrics, but are less intense. The program is designed to get you started on your way to a slim and toned body in 90 days.

However, the P90X workout program is more advanced and can last a lot longer than the 90 day program. The workouts in this program are extended to 60 minutes a day for 6 days out of the week. These workouts were designed by Tony Horton to push you to your absolute limits to change your body in that 90 day program.

Tony Horton also included 12 different workouts in the P90X program rather than six that are in the Power 90 one. Each of the workouts focuses on a specific area of the body or a certain genre of exercises. Just some of the 12 workouts included are: Kempo, Plyometrics, Yoga, Shoulders and Arms, Backs and Biceps, and Legs and Back.

One of the significant differences in these workouts is that P90X can be used over and over again as it uses muscle confusion to help you constantly evolve and reshape you body. With the exercises you can take it slower at first and as you gain more strength and power you can then add the more advanced techniques that Tony teaches in the DVDs. This makes it possible for you to continue on with the workouts well past 90 days, as you are always keeping your body confused, which means that you can avoid plateaus and constantly engage your body.

Some people may find that they rather start out with the Power 90 series first while others may want to jump right into the P90X workout program. Tony Horton did not design P90X so that you have to buy Power 90 first. It is up to the individual person which route that they wish to take with their workout program.

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