ChaLEAN Extreme – Lean Phasing Explained

Published: 27th August 2009
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Did you know that muscle burns fat? This is one of the main principles behind Chalene Johnson's new workout program called ChaLEAN Extreme. The more lean muscle that you have the more fat and calories that you can burn when working out and even when resting or sleeping. A person with a lower body fat percentage will have a higher metabolism and burn fat a lot faster than someone with a high body fat percentage.

So, how exactly do you get the lean muscle to burn fat? In ChaLEAN Extreme, Chalene Johnson has developed a unique workout technique called lean phasing to develop lean muscle and burn fat at a quicker pace. It is a form of circuit-training in which you are pushed to the extreme to get your body tight and toned.

How Does it Work?
Now that you know that muscle can burn more fat even when you are resting, how does lean phasing work to achieve the lean muscle and toned body that you desire? The ChaLEAN Extreme workout consists of three different phases, which is the basis behind lean phasing. The first phase is called burn. In this phase your jump start your weight loss as you start lifting weights to strengthen your body. This phase is a moderate phase in which you lift weights that are comfortable for you.

The next phase of ChaLEAN Extreme is called push. In this phase of the workout program, Chalene starts to push you to your limits. This is were you start lifting weights that are heavier than what you are used to. You start challenging your muscles more so that they start developing even more than before. Chalene will show you step by step exercises as in this phase you are still working your body one area at a time.

The third phase of ChaLEAN Extreme is called lean. This is were Chalene introduces dynamic moves and exercises to really get that fat to melt right off. You are lifting heavier weights while doing circuit training exercises that work the entire body at once. Instead of simply working your lower body during an exercise, you will be working your lower body, upper body and your core with one exercise.

The lean phasing of ChaLEAN Extreme involves quickly building up your lean muscle so that you can start burning fat throughout the whole day. This workout can be done by beginners or by more advanced people and still go through the lean phasing just the same. The key to the lean phasing is to get your muscles started and then push them to the limit. With this workout, you will be lifting heavier weight than you ever have before. Women should not be concerned about bulking up with this program though. It is not about forming bulk, but toning and slimming your body to develop lean muscle. Women just do not have the genetics to naturally build muscle mass like a man does,so do not be concerned when you see that this involves lifting heavier weights.
Lean phasing is a revolutionary program that involves three key phases to get your body burning fat much faster than it has ever before.

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